jeudi 18 août 2011

Rue Thevenard

Rue Thévenard bears the name of Antoine Jean-Marie Thévenard (Saint-Malo 1733 - Paris 1815), an Admiral and Naval Minister, who was the only inhabitant of Saint-Malo to be buried in the Pantheon in Paris.
This old street crosses the Îlot 9 housing complex, which was rebuilt in accordance with the drawings by Louis Arretche (1901-1991), the architect who headed the reconstruction of Saint-Malo from 1947 onwards, in the form of a passageway with arches, two archways, and an internal courtyard forming a peristyle.
The two archways above the street feature hollowed-out alcoves containing enamelled sandstone statuettes by André Bizette-Lindet (1906-1908), who won the Grand Prix de Rome and was an official painter of the French Navy, depicting Saint Malo* on a whale, and a Madonna.
The other archways on both small sides of the peristyle provide shelter for stylised algae by the same artist, and a statue of Saint Malo as bishop.
This courtyard, in the heart of the historic town, provides an example characteristic of the reconstruction of Saint-Malo, which, although it is not a precise reconstruction of the old town, does nonetheless constitute an interpretation that is evocative of its long history.