mercredi 17 août 2011

Rue du Pélicot

Rue Poilecoq or Pélicot is a street that was mentioned from the late 15th century onwards. Its left-hand side as you go uphill has retained its old appearance.
Number 11 bears the date 1676 and has a courtyard with wood and glass façades. On the corner of Rue Sainte and Rue de la Corne de Cerf you will find an alcove intended for holding a religious statue.
Number 9 has its main façade at No. 16 Rue de la Corne de Cerf, and dates from 1684. Number 7 retained its wooden façade up until 1900.
Number 5 is one of the last houses with wood and glass façades still remaining in Saint-Malo after the fires of 1661 and 1944. This wooden façade consists of two levels of wooden panels and superimposed glazed passageways which are protected by an overhang projecting from the roof. The other parts of the house are made from stone. In 1991, it became the International House of Poets and Writers.
The façades of No. 3 were reconstructed according to the same principle as for the previous house, around 1980.
Postcard 1900